FEATURE HOME – The Country Living House

A classic country-style home designed to maximise rural living and the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Completed: 2022  |  Location: Yinnar South, Victoria


Nestled into a hillside with breathtaking views, this country-style home was designed to maximise the rural lifestyle and natural beauty of its surroundings. The open floor plan features large glazed areas that capture the stunning vistas from every room. Thoughtful excavation ensures the home sits proudly atop the hill while preserving the surrounding environment.

The design incorporates environmentally sensitive solutions for water supply, power, septic, and stormwater systems, minimizing impact on the land. A planning permit was secured to meet rural living zone requirements, ensuring sustainable site management.

Overall, this home perfectly blends practicality and luxury, offering a seamless connection with the landscape. The meticulous design and construction reflect a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the serene beauty of rural living.


"We couldn't be happier with our new country-style home. The design perfectly captures the stunning views and natural beauty of our hillside location. The open floor plan and large windows make every room feel connected to the outdoors.

The builder's attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every aspect of the home. Their expertise in managing the site's unique challenges and integrating sustainable solutions exceeded our expectations.

This home is a dream come true, providing us with a perfect blend of luxury, practicality, and a deep connection to nature."  

~  Ben and Mary


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