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Virtue Homes are proud to announce a new partnership with Lebentech to bring our clients a complete and immersive home automation experience that is exclusive to Virtue Homes in the Gippsland area!

What is Home Automation?

Home automation gives homeowners to ability to control or automate different aspects of their home including; lighting, climate, security, audio and visual, appliances, and shading. All this can be organised from your phone, your computer, or a tablet!

Home Automation for the Family

Children are inquisitive and always eager to learn and try new things. They enjoy pressing buttons and playing with anything they can get their hands on. With just a few taps of your phone you can disable any switch or buttons that they can get their hands on.
Once it’s dark and time for bed your Lebentech system can sense when you get up and enter a room. Instead of leaving a bright light on for the kids, let your home automatically turn on a gentle light whenever you or your kids get up. Need to get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night? Instead of flicking on the switch and being blinded by the light, your home will automatically turn on a gentle light that won’t burn your retinas but will still allow you to see where you are walking.
Zoned heating can be taken to the next level with home automation. You can set your heater to warm up the ensuite for you minutes before your alarm goes off. No more cold tiles on bare feet and not wanting to get out of the shower in the mornings. During the day you can set your main living areas to be a comfortable temperature without having to artificially heat/cool your bedrooms. This is sure to save money on your bills.

There is a “goodnight” function on the app that allows you to put your house into sleep mode. It shuts down all standby electronics, turns all the lights off, and can even replace the sound of the doorbell with a flashing light so that late guests don’t wake the sleeping kids. Instead of having to go around and turn off all appliances and lights, do it with the press of a button from the comfort of your bed!

Home Automation as Security

Our home automation system can help protect you and your family in multiple ways. A panic button can be installed next to your bed which sends all the lights in the home flashing brightly, the blinds open up and a loud siren will sound as well as an automatic call being made to the local police alerting them of an intruder. Your house will light up like the 4th of July and is sure to send any potential thieves running as fast as they can.
Your smart home is able to detect water leaks, flooding, fire, and high winds and storms. If you have roller shutters your home can automatically lower them in the event of a storm to prevent any damage occurring to your windows.
If you are away from your home, you can be immediately alerted to any windows or doors being opened by a potential burglar.
Thinking of going on holidays? Your smart home can replay the activity from your last week at home. It will turn on the same lights at the same time, open your blinds at the same time you did, and give your home the sense that someone is still living there.

Home Automation for your Lifestyle

By downloading the free app onto your phone, you can have complete control of your home without being there. Expecting a package? When the delivery man rings your doorbell your phone will be alerted, you can even use the video intercom at your door to see him and talk to him! Let him know that you’re raising the garage door a metre for him to put the package under and then after he drops it off simply lower the door back down and the house is locked up again!
Not only can you open the garage door from your phone, you can also unlock the front door too! If you have some guests come over and you’ve just quickly ducked out you can let them in while you’re on your way home.
Lighting plays a large part in setting the mood. With your smart home you are able to set up different lighting settings for different situations. Have one set for movie night, another for partying and entertaining guests, and another for a romantic dinner.
Music can also be controlled from the app, allowing for different music in every room depending the personal tastes of each occupant. For example you could wake up to the radio playing in the ensuite while you shower and start your day.

Home Automation Saving the Planet

Lebentech’s home automation system has the ability to reduce energy use throughout your home, saving not only the planet, but your wallet as well.
From your phone you have the ability to switch off all power-hungry stand by units which helps to reduce the running costs of your home.
There is a statistics feature on the app which allows you to see not only when you are using the most electricity, but what is using the most electricity. This feature can allow you to pinpoint unnecessary energy use and bring down your energy bill.