Fireplace LargeEnergy Saving Tips for Winter

Here are some tips to help you save on your bills this winter!

1 – The 21 Degree Rule
For each degree that you go over 21 on the thermostat, you can expect to add about 10% to your energy bill. So try to keep the thermostat between 18-21 degrees in winter and your wallet will thank you!

2 – Layer Up
The more layers you have on, the less you have to mechanically heat your home. Try a more natural approach by loading up on jumpers and jackets.

3 – Zoned Heating
Close off rooms in your home that are not being used. For example, during the day you could close of the bedrooms so these aren’t unnecessarily being heated. When everyone is in bed there is no need to have the family and living areas heated as this will result in wasted energy and money.

4 – Preventing Heat Loss
To prevent drafts and heat loss make sure all windows and doors are securely closed. You should also find any gaps and seal them up with weather stripping.