House and Land Packages in Warragul and Drouin

Are you looking at building in the Warragul/Drouin area? We understand that a lot of the blocks around this area can have steep fall across the land. At Virtue Homes we offer obligation free advice on purchasing blocks to help you get the best possible block for your budget and lifestyle. We will also estimate any potential site costs that you may need to allow for.

We have over 400 floor plans to choose from that we can change to fit your block. If you can’t decide or don’t see anything that appeals to you than we can create a custom home from a blank canvas. Tell us what’s important to you and our team of talented draftsmen will assist you in designing your dream home.

As seen on our facebook page, we are able to build extensive retaining walls that allow us to cut deep into the site allowing us to build on our thermally efficient 300mm waffle pods. This not only helps to significantly improve the star rating of the home, it will also save you money in the long run on heating and cooling costs.

So if you’re thinking about building in the Warragul/Drouin area come in and see the custom home specialists to discuss our House and Land Packages!

To have a look at some of our previously built homes just click this link or visit our facebook page.


Out with the Old, in with the New

Have you got the perfect block, but maybe not the most perfect existing home? Virtue Homes now offers complete demolitions on existing homes! We are a one stop shop for demolishing your old home and building your brand new one. Contact us to discuss tearing down your old home and replacing it with an updated model.